Local Tech Repair: Windows 7 Starter vs Ubuntu 11.04 Netbook

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Windows 7 Starter vs Ubuntu 11.04 Netbook

So recently I was working on setting up a netbook for dual booting both windows 7 starter and ubuntu 11.04 and noticed a large performance difference...

The youth pastor that I was setting up the netbook for wanted windows to run faster and windows out of the box was running around 650 MB out of its 1GB ddr3 ram which was slowing the computer down when ever he tried to do anything on the computer. With doing a little tuning up of the computer and turning things off of start up I was able to get that down to 450 to 550 at resting which was half of the memory on the computer.

On the other hand when i got ubuntu 11.04 installed and booted up it was running fast. The resting rate for the ram was ~175mb this is over half of what windows was at resting hart rate with out doing any tuning. Not only was the resting rate better than windows 7 starter but i tested to see how well the ubuntu side held up compared to the windows side. I was able to run firefox with over 4 tabs open one of them being pandora running and another one being youtube running and a few others. Also on top of that I had libre office running a presentation, hydrogen (drum beat mixer) running a beat, and libre word processor open. All this was around ~400 MB of ram that it was using with out any glitches or freezes in the process. Sense the person I was setting up this computer for was a youth pastor I figured it needed to be able to hold up to that amount of work. Which the computer was able to do well. The computer had a N570 processor in it also.

We had to upgrade the ram to a 2 GB ddr3 stick so that windows 7 starter could function the same as the ubuntu 11.04 side did.

Just this basic use test showed how well done ubuntu 11.04 is built and how much faster it is than windows 7 starter.

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