Local Tech Repair: Windows 7 Won't open exe file open with

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Windows 7 Won't open exe file open with

Recently i had a computer that came in that was infected with a virus that loved to hide different files and also would not allow the person to execute files at all. so let me know how I fixed that.

Sense I could not open regedit or cmd to help change the file back. I needed to find a different way of fixing the problem. so what i needed to do is very simple on a separate computer I went and downloaded a registry fix for the computer and then started up in safe mode.

from there all I had to do is fallow these simple instructions
To fix the association for a particular file type:

1. Download the corresponding fix from the above table. (Use Right-click – Save as option in your browser to download the fixes.)

2. Unzip the file and extract the .REG file to Desktop.

3. Right-click the REG file and choose Merge. Alternately, you can open the Registry Editor and then using the Import option from the File menu, to merge the REG file contents.

Note that you need to be an administrator to apply these fixes.

for the registry file go to this wonderful site.

just make sure that you have removed the virus before you change the registry or you may have the problem of it not working again.

If you don't know how to remove viruses here is a good way.

I hope that this will help you fix your windows 7 exe problem. It is really annoying to get viruses that change your executable files.

local tech repair admin