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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Virus scanner for Ubuntu - BitDefender

I am not on of the people out there that will tell any linux users that they are free from viruses as linux grows the chances of viruses grow with it. It is true that there are worms, viruses, and more out there for linux already though the number is still well below that of windows.

After years of not having an antivirus on my linux machines I have decided to go with one that would support my 64bit needs. That alone cuts out many of the competition by default. Those like AVG, Avast, mcafee, and etc. and i did not want to use clamav for some reason I felt like expanding my horizon. After seeing how well bitdefender has done in the windows arena for all the current versions of windows it seemed right to go with it for linux. They have a free home use only version for linux and it is updated by repository.

BitDefender repositories are located here

With this in hand you can install the repositories to your ubuntu machine.
download the virus scanner GUI which is what I like and then go at it.

BitDefender has a very simple and nice looking GUI to use on linux which is not always the cause but becoming more so now that linux is becoming more popular.
BitDefender comes with a 30 day free trial and requiring you to request another free key to renew it for another 365 days.

For what it is worth in protection and security it is not bad to have a little extra protection even if the likely hood of getting a virus on linux is very small. it is always better safe than sorry.

I hope you try BitDefender out for linux and share your thoughts.
Local Tech Repair Admin