Local Tech Repair: Best Android Games for Archos 70

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best Android Games for Archos 70

I had to state that this was for the archos 70 because that is the device that I and it is unable to play some of the more process intensive games but still able to play some HD games. I currently have played probably 80+ games on the android testing everything from puzziles to rpgs and seeing how well they are built and how easy they are to use on the device. So lets just get straight to it and go with my little list. I personally like deep content games though I do enjoy the casual games also just so that you know where I am coming from.

Grave Defense HD
I will just start right off with my favorite game. Which is really hard for me to pick but i have to say it would be GRave Defense HD just because I do like the casual but hard tower defense games. and this one just does it so well and makes you really work to get through the harder levels and not to mention that they have many many levels in this game.

the game has over 20+ levels and also endless mod where it allows you all the different guns to build to see how far you can go. It can be very hard at times but still lots of fun.

Another close to my top is a hands off RTS that is called Majesty. This Game takes a hand off approach to controlling your units. You are able to build your own buildings and get gold to expand but you need to bribe your units to do different things. Which can be annoying but a lot of fun each unit type responds to different bribes differently. Great game if your looking for a RTS that is more medieval style for your android.

Game Dev Story & Grand Prix Story
Another 2 great games that are very much alike are Game Dev story and Grand Prix story. The company that does these made them very good and they are very adictive for the casual gamer building up his company. If is not a business game even though you are running a business. You don't need to know a whole lot of math and it is very simple in how they develop games or cars.

For my favorate RPG so far I would have to say Illusia would have to be that. This game is not a very serious game in the sense that you play an anime character. There are 2 choices at the beginning of the game whether you pick to be a magician or a warrior and from there building on your class and branching off. So far I am only ~10% done with the game and I am ~10 hours in to the game. The game is a 2d style not a 3d environment. This game story is good so far and looks to be that it will turn out to be a nice story with definatly able to play it over as a different character or even the same but just branching off in a different way. The game is well worth the $.99 that it costs compaired to some others charging closer to 5 for a game not even half in-depth.

that concludes the list of what I think are some of the Best Android Games. If you think that an game should have been included just post a comment so other users can know what it is. And yes I know I left out Angry Birds though I was not very impressed with it but maybe thats just me.

Thanks for Reading,
-Local Tech Repair Admin