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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Andorid Must have Apps

Here are some of the "Must Have Apps" for the android operating system. i will not be posting them in order of priority but just which apps are useful to have.

One of the apps I use every day is Skyfire browser I love the interface of skyfire more than some of the other browsers that I have used.
I use this browser more than the default google browser or even some of the paid browsers that I have or firefox browser. The Opera browser had problems running and skyfire just ran smooth with a little footprint and was just easy to operate.

Amazon app store is something that I use every day. It is fun reading reviews and just looking at different apps that are free that day..
Amazon app Store

For instance todays free app of the day( at the time of writing) is SeekDroid

SeekDroid is a very good app also that helps protect your self from theft and helping you recover your device if you do loss the device. I would suggest getting it even if it was not free today but it is only .99 on the amazon app market.

Documents to Go is a useful program to have as it give you access to your google docs and also ability to create and open different microsoft documents.
for a business man or a student on the go this is a very useful program it comes with a nice interface and easy to use.

some features that it is able to do is the following
enhanced pdf support
create new word, excel, and powerpoint files
edit , recalculate and save changes
sync files and folders with your pc
view charts, footnotes, endnotes, track-changes
search, select, copy , and paste text
insert bookmarks, comments, and hyperlinks,
zoom, format, and send attachments
open password-protected files and more...

just a few of their listed things it can do. This is a must for a student that wants to use their android tablet in class instead of using a computer. or a business man on the go.
Documents to go

Folder organizer is a nice app to just help you organize your apps in folders or widgets on your desktops which look nicer than the built in android folders.

for playing music:

transferring easily over wifi to your computer

finally for this post: if you need a checkbook on your phone that is simple to use something like the app checkbook is great for that.

though if you like slightly more functions than just a simple check book check out either of these.


If there are apps you can't live with out let us know in comments

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