Local Tech Repair: I am no longer a facebooker

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am no longer a facebooker

I had been using Facebook for a few years now but with the recent changes and the growing privacy concerns on how Facebook uses and does with your information I finally got fed up with it and decided to leave for greener pastures.

With so many other social networking sites out there there is no reason why I should have to put up with a site that is doing what they will with my information with out keeping my own interest at heart. With more and more features coming out for facebook I always feel on the defensive trying to figure out what do I need to change in my privacy policy on facebook so that I can continue remaining private and not have my information leaked everywhere. Sense facebook has a general policy of automatically assuming that people want the new feature and requiring people to opt out of all these things it because work trying to keep up with the new feature and how these features leak your personal information.

One of these features is something called "Frictionless Sharing" that is raising many peoples eyes on how much do you want facebook posting online about what you do online. As a guy do you want your friends to know that you like chick flicks? do you want them to know them to automatically update your friends when your watching it or listening to music or reading articles. Sense you don't know what sites use the facebook like button script and which ones do not it makes it hard for you to be able to avoid different sites. This requires you to contently be removing your cookies in your browser to stay private when you surf the web. Though the thing is are they only going to be using cookies or are they going to be using other methods of hacking your browser to gather the most information out of you as possible? It is yet to be seen how they will implement this feature.
If you like to know more about this feature PCWorld has a good article

Another is the timeline feature. This gives a history of what you been doing on facebook and will probably include what you did online and when you did it. This is great information if you are and advertisor but it is not something I really want to know of my friends. Again you will need to go set your privacy settings to make sure it is limited so that you can remain private.

Along with other things like Facebook never deleting your account, posts, partial posts, posts you delete, etc. has put a very bad taste in my mouth specially that facebook allows police and governments access to your information with out court order or much of any legal process.
Not to mention a whole lot of viruses and malware are being transported via Facebook.

Well i am currently in my 14 day notice to Facebook on my deletion of my account. For some reason it feels like I am quitting a job having to give 2 weeks notice.

-Local Tech Repair Admin