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Friday, September 2, 2011

Listening to Music online - GrooveShark

Listening to music online and downloading sometimes is been a popular thing that is changing the music industry. Music radios like pandora, last.fm, itunes and many others are gaining a lot of users with premium fees or allowing you to buy musics off their services. Though sometimes you can't afford music becaues you have to pay bills or what ever reason and your looking just to listen to a spacific song. Generally I used to turn to youtube for people uploading music but it was always a pain because the bandwidth it used playing a video and the quality was poor for the music.

Recently I found out of a service called GrooveShark.com which is basically a youtube of music instead of videos. They focus on quality of their songs. Sense it is user driven they can't be held liable for Copy Right infringement as long as they comply with the law. And every one knows that people used things like download helper to download videos off youtube or services that would download only the audio from Youtube so it is only natural that someone would provide the same time of thing for grooveshark which has also come out in different forms. I use firefox so i am able to use a addon called groove shredder which gives a little button on their website to download the song.

So how can this be Legal? well this article explains it a little https://torrentfreak.com/who-needs-limewire-open-source-groovejaars-in-town-110831/. I would suggest you check out the service GrooveShark and just see how much bandwidth difference that this service works and looks better than YouTube also you can make playlist on there. this service may get attacked by the record labels but so far it is a very nice service and even if you don't use it to pirate that i am sure people will do it is a great website and I personally prefer it more than Pandora sense i don't have to get bombarded with ads during listening to music.

Thanks and keep listening,
Local Tech Repair Admin