Local Tech Repair: Facebook Ripping off Google+

Friday, September 2, 2011

Facebook Ripping off Google+

One thing I noticed recently is that Facebook started to rip off Google + with the more privacy options like Google + main advantage over Facebook was. now that Google+ does not have this advantage over Facebook it may take longer for users to start moving from Facebook to the new Google service. Though is the Facebook feature as easy to use as Google+'s service? i don't think it is as Google+ still has a nicer interface and the ability to filter out is just all around easier on Google+ than it is on Facebook. Though Google is fighting an uphill battle with the user base. Facebook tough seems to only have put half its heart in developing their privacy settings and the new rip off of Google+'s selective postings seems just does not seem to hold up but atleast they tried to copy something good.
How do you feel about the new privacy per object/post for facebook? is it just a rip off of Google+ or is it really something else?

-Local Tech Repair Admin