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Monday, October 10, 2011

Amazon Kindle Sales skyrocket

As many analyst suggest that the Kindle Fire is going to be a major competitor for the apple ipad. Even though the Apple Ipad is in a very different market than the Kindle Fire is the Sales numbers show that Android is going to get a huge bump in market share because of the Kindle Fire. With data leaked to the Cult of Android these numbers show that it could pass ipads first month of sales.
The Cult of Android numbers that where leaked to them by a verified source show that with in the first 5 days they sold ~250,000 kindle fire tablets. If these numbers continue that is 50k a day. this number could slow down or go up depending on how fast the news gets out. This is great news for amazon as it will make their amazon android market explode in the amount of apps that they have and developers will start to update their apps faster on the amazon market.

amazons search results on google have gone down over the past 30 days.
Google trends

Even though the Ipad may still be searched more now it does show that the kindle fire is a growing concern for apple as it brings a competitor that has a big backing with them in other areas.

Though not only does this make amazon a competitor to apple in the smart phone and tablet market but it shows that android is a very big and growing concern. Android keeps gaining market share. Android is currently the leader in the smart phone world and it is growing in other areas. with the move of android with big companies like amazon using it will help android a lot. Google has taken the same approach as Microsoft did at the beginning of the pc years. though now with google and the open source community behind android it is getting the business to use it and lower prices.

So to get back to amazon kindle their main problem is it is not known if the android market is going to be available on the kindle fire if this is the case it will have a lot less apps available to it that with out it. Though with the numbers that the amazon kindle fire is selling well it may just be that market developers will start pushing their apps into the amazon market which will help amazon lower the price for the kindle fire in the future. This product will help reduce prices of tablets everywhere when they have to compete with the kindle fire and what we can only hope is the kindle fire2 that will come out probably next year.

Along with other sales of the kindle fire the kindle touch does look like it is also doing well just not as well as the kindle fire is doing. According to amazon the new $79 Kindle is their second best selling kindle behind the kindle fire. so is opening up a new pocket of market for the kindle. Though it does not look like the kindle touch is a large enough improvement from the kindle keyboard that users want to upgrade.

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