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Monday, October 17, 2011

Top Android Browsers

There are a lot of browsers out there for android operating system. Though for me the default browser just does not do enough for me or what i want it to do. I have tried alot of browsers with all different features. though the thing i looked for in a browser that i think is the best would have things like speed, ability to block ads, ability to block javascript, tabs, flash compatibility, clearing cookies and cache, and other things.

Some of the browsers that I have looked at are the following:
Firefox beta, Stock android, xScope, dolphin, opera mobile, opera mini, skyfire, and more.

As i mentioned before that i was not happy with stock browser as it was fast and had a few nice features it just did not look good to me. over all it is a great browser fast and all though the user interface(UI) I personally do not think it is that great.

I got Skyfire right off the bat after reading a lot of reviews and people thinking this was a really great browser. This is a fast browser and it works really well with youtube and flash player and the UI is clean and effective. This browser has been my favorite browser for some time though there where a few things that annoyed me about the browser. The bottom bar I personally never really used. when ever I wanted to go to facebook I would just go to facebook in a new tab and didn't really find my self using the feature that much. the Like button was useful on the bottom though I think with it one of the few things I used the bottom bar for it was kinda of an over kill having it there. IF you use a lot of social media then you may like having all the links in one location.

Skyfire has been one of the only android browsers that rendered gmail the best out of all the browsers.
Skyfire uses renders google nicer than a lot of the other browsers and for the most part. I love this version of google mobile by default compared to the other browsers. It is cleaner more elegant and just easier to use.

I used xscope for a while and was not very impressed with it. It functions much like all the other browsers. Though what killed it for me was it was not that fast compared the free alternatives.
Though It really is not a bad browser at all. It is simple clean easy to open and switch between tabs. Though it does cost .99 and with other free browsers that out perform it on speed it was a deal beaker for me.

It does have some features though that set it apart from all the other browsers out there.
Physical keyboards allow touch screen-free scrolling in landscape mode; volume keys scroll in portrait mode
Three different ways to open a new tab while browsing; hard swipe to rotate between open tabs
Page options icon; share URLs and screenshots on Facebook and Twitter

I never really used dolphin much because it just did not work that well for me. it was slow for the most part and just did not like the UI that much. So I truely can't say much about it sense I uninstalled it after having it on my archos for around a day.

Firefox Beta 8.0
I really wanted to give firefox a good review on here though at firefox current state I can't tell my users to download it. Firefox has so many problems. It does a bad job rendering pages, it is very slow, it crashes a lot (yes I know I am using beta), no flash, and more. It though does have some redemptive qualities like plugins. It does currently support adblock plus, it is going to support no script, and the UI is very nicely done though not the most graphically pleasing but the UI is very nice in the functionality of it. Though really hope that they get their act together an fix all the hard boots, flash compatibility and much more. Firefox could in the future become a contender though at its current state it is hard press to even compete with others.

Opera Mobile 11.5
Opera Mobile is a version of the opera browser which is different than the mini version. Though I originally was not very impressed with opera I gave it another try and have loved what they did with the browser. It is much faster than before. It is clean and the UI is graphically pleasing. The browser has user agent switcher, and sense they are bleeding out the mini and combining it with the mobile version they have compression which helps speed up the browser and also save your data plan and in doing so saving you money. I like the tabs better than skyfire does there. Opera gives you the option of clearing history, cache, passwords, shared locations cookies.

The browser has a share function that allows me to share via a lot of different medians like google+ app. This is nice sense I am not stuck into only facebook and twitter like a lot of other browsers only have on them.
I have to give give Opera the best browser award for android sense it is the fastest out of all the browsers i have tested. It has one of the best user interfaces and one of the nicest looking. Opera has the ability to use their servers to compress the web so that it saves you money and speeds up your browsing experience (much like kindle fire browser works).

Sense they just updated the browser UI there are not many that have updated images and the market does not either. you need to check out the browser your self and you will find out why I like it so much.
Opera also shows their users how much the user saved in data. To find this out go tot the O --> help --> data usage.

Right now opera is winning the Browser wars in my view though I think that firefox does have the potential to out beat opera if they can get their act together.

Hope you liked this article if there are other browsers you like let us know and why you like them.
-Local Tech Repair Admin