Local Tech Repair: Rooting your Archos 70IT and Overclocking

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rooting your Archos 70IT and Overclocking

I am going to go through and talk about rooting your archos 70 and overclocking the CPU that is underclocked by default because archos wants to try to increase battery life.

Sense i have over locked my archos 70H or 70IT tablet this is how i did it on my archos. i have a board version of a70h-v6 and a firmwar version of 2.4.19 or android 2.2.1. This article is going to be short and sweet. Simple what you will need to do is downlaod a few files.
This thread will walk you through the process of rooting the device and which fills that you will need to do so.

Once you follow those steps for your archos it should be rooted. just make sure you follow them correctly and have your archos plugged in.

the next thing is overclocking your archos and testing to make sure that it is overclocked.

The software that i used was CPU Master Free you can test it your default settings with their benchmarker before you try overclocking and see if it works out well. the max that the app lets you do for the archos 70 is 1ghz which by default the cpu is clocked at 800mhz. Though if your looking for a higher clock rate there are other custom roms that have the clock rate at 1.2ghz or 1.1ghz though the 1.2 ghz is considered to fast as it heats up the back to much.

IF your wanting to check out the different roms the major alternative is Urukdroid.

Remember if you don't know much about rooting or what it does don't try to do it. Know that you can brick your device if done improperly and if you do root your archos your void your warrenty.

-local tech repair admin