Local Tech Repair: Why Ubuntu Unity Fails

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why Ubuntu Unity Fails

I generally like new things and new designs. Though I am going to point some reasons why I personally think Unity environment for ubuntu fails to provide.

Unity is an ok environment in it self with some nice simple menus that would be nice on a tablet. Though in a pc where finding your many applications and organizing them is critical for productivity I think unity does a very bad job. Not only that how it handles multI window computing it also fails.

Just some basic observations for how little I have used the unity theme with default settings and no customization.

1. unity bar does not minimize!!!! This is Honorable if I am using firefox and want to minimize it my natural reaction is to go and click on the icon to minimize it. This may be because I used AWN dock on my Gnome or even seeing mac os dock work. It just makes me think that it should work that way. So because of this it makes me move into my second point.

2. this requires me to go up to the menu which is by default hidden on the top bar for some reason. Which requires me to move my mouse up to the top then wait for it to re appear then click the minimize. The fact alone that it is hidden slows my general productivity of the computer down as I use the menu bar on my applications to do different things. For example while I am in firefox I accidentally close a tab I wanted open (I do a lot) I need to go up to history and then open it. Sense my eyes move faster then my mouse does I naturally look for where the history is located and sense it is hidden I have to go up and wait then move my mouse. This often causes me to do a lot of right angles instead of going straight for it.

3. The application launcher is hard to find applications. Though this may be because I am used to the gnome structure and I am not very fond of windows metro style like unity is. Unity requires me to search for the application I want to use. This in turn makes me move from my mouse to the keyboard which takes time and is frustrating to have to do.

4. Lack of easy ability to change the top menu bar. In Gnome I was able to easily move around my widgets in the menu bar and add new ones. Though now I do not have a easy point and click method to change the bar.

Unity did do some very nice things though for someone that uses a computer for productivity and likes using a lot of applications it makes it hard for me to get my work done. not to mention when installing it unity does not have all the gnome applications that I am used to using. I had to download an alternative terminal sense I have just been happy in the past with the gnome one.

What do you fine good or bad about the new Unity environment?

Local Tech Repair Admin