Local Tech Repair: Black Friday Deals Online - 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Black Friday Deals Online - 2011

Some companies are hitting off to an early start to their Black Friday deals. For instance amazon has started their count down and started marking different goods off every few hours and having daily deals. We will try to keep this post updated with other sites and deals around the web.

Its the week of Black Friday and Amazon is starting their week long sales.
Shop Amazon's Black Friday Week


To start if off lets look at amazon. if your looking for a deal they generally are very good at prices though here is their special deals page and their count down for Black Friday.
Shop Amazon's Holiday Countdown Store

Amazon is having daily deals. For instance so that you know what i mean by deal. Today's deal (Nov. 5) is Stuhrling Original Mens watch that is normally 345 dollars but now is only 59.99. This is a 83% savings on the watch. This watch looks very nice, so if your in the market I grab this deal before it ends I just wish i knew about this before I bought my watch a month ago.
Stührling Original Men's 107EM.331531 Classic Delphi Omega Stainless Steel Automatic Skeleton Watch Gift Set

Some of the deals they have on their page aren't that great for example Gears of War 3 xbox360 game is 54.63 which is basically 5 dollars off the retail price. So some of these deals so far aren't that nice but keep an eye out for those good deals the ones that are 50%+ off.

I am going to try to go through most these deals for you so that you don't have to and update this post with current deals and ones that are those hidden gems.

Though amazon is not the only one that is having deals Newegg is having deals the link below will take you to their sales page. I will update the link when they have their Black Friday page up.

If you know of other sites that are having amazing deals post them in comments so that we all can benefit from them.

Local Tech Repair Admin

happy savings... PS if your having trouble seeing some of these links it is probably because adblock is blocking them sry for it blocking that.

ps. Update on some more deals for black friday.
it looks like newegg is doing some of the same deals per day as amazon.

I had found 16gb of ram for ~50 bucks which is extremely cheap. if your building a computer or just looking to upgrade your parts these deals are hard to pass up.

amazon is still doing their right now is firefly at 70% off if you haven't seen that series it is a good one.
Firefly Black Friday deal

Amazon is doing a Buy One Get One Half Off for video games.
If your going to be buying video games for your kids for christmas or just want to buy them in general you can save $30 on the games. which is a huge amount. Follow the link bellow.
Buy One get One 50% Off

Update 2
it looks to be that best Buy is doing a deal a day up to Black Friday. Check out there deals with the link below
Black Friday Deals at BestBuy