Local Tech Repair: My Christmas Wish List 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Christmas Wish List 2011

I never do wish lists. Though I thought I write out what I am hoping for in my Christmas boxes this year.

well on the top of the list has to be one that I know will giver me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. This has to be Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I personally want the PC version more though sense my computers don't really meet that recommended requirements (which hopefully changes here soon) I also wanting the xbox 360 version because my wife I know will actually play it if it is on an xbox 360 instead.

Though the reason I prefer the PC version is because of the huge modding community that made oblivion amazing I know will make skyrim even better.

Next thing would have to be another Toy. The Kindle Fire granted that this is a low end tablet though this low end one is very much connected to everything amazon which i love. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these things and just play. Right now I keep taking my wife's tablet and playing on that. I am sure my wife would be happy to not have me keep on taking hers. For the most part this thing is a entertainment power house. Music, movies, tv shows, book library, and much more.

Next thing I would definitively have to go with the kindle would be Amazon Prime right now I still have a free one but i am hoping to get a paid version to get all the pluses that come along with it. Like instant watch, kindle library, and what not.

Sense I like cooking so much and saving money so I can by more electronics. A Chest Freezer is on my wish list so I can help feed my growing family.
Frigidaire FFN15M5HW 14.8 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - White

And Obviously parts for computers. And nothing is more fun than new GPUs. And who would ever turn down the fastest GPU out there. this baby has 1024 CUDA cores. I can just imaging the work this thing can do for science and fun.

well i guess that may be wishing to much though having 2 of these would also be nice.

granted not as fast though still fast.

I will be adding more to this later.

If you buy any of these or click on adds they help me get my christmas gifts. ;-)
-Local Tech Repair Admin