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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Advertisers - Commission Junction, Amazon, Adsense

It has been a while sense I have talked about the advertiser that help make this blog what it is. Well maybe not that much mostly just me ranting. But besides that let me explain why I use these different advertisers and why I don't use others.

My view on advertising is not for a huge money making website. If it was I wouldn't be writing a tech blog instead I would be writing about how to make money off your website, how to loss wait, or even running a porn website. But sense I am not in this for the money which would be nice if it did support that though. So sense I am not in the game to bombard my users with advertisments hoping that they will view them and click on them. For instance i don't use popup windows, I don't just a banner ad, I don't use ads that i feel take away from the content of the page.

So This is why I use these ad generators.
First and foremost is Amazon. I tend to prefer product based ads because ads that are based on commision. Not because I feel that they make more money but because I feel that they can add to the content of my posts. For instance if I was talking about the Kindle Fire like I have been lately. I would add a link to amazon which sells the Kindle Fire or give a graphical ad that shows the price also so that you don't have to leave the page to see how much it cost. These types of ads I feel help the user get information that they are looking for and also possibly earn me some money in the mean time. For me Amazon does an amazing job for these ads. Sense I can select specific ads based on what I am writing about and link directly to the page that that product that I am reviewing is located on. I also feel that this has a better turn around. Not only does amazon provide direct product ads they also allow me to provide a store which I can select which products and/or categories that i want in there. For instance in Local Tech Repairs store you will notice a Featured page that shows things that I feel will be useful to my views. All in all Amazon I feel gives me the best targeting of any of the advertisers I have used.

Second is a click based ads also known as Pay Per Click (PPC)
This you may notice on the is on the left side the only flash based ad on the site. and others are text based ads that try to blend in so that they do not distract the user from reading what I feel is important information. Though these are not as targeted as the amazon ads but they do bring something to the website as they treat the users that are looking for information. If I can't provide the information that they are looking for maybe maybe the ads on the side of the page may give some indication of were they may find that information. For instance if a viewer was reading a review that I did on anti virus software they may not like the product I reviewed but they may notice a Norton or AVG ad on the side of the page. And go there to see if that is right for them. I am not a huge fan of this type of ads sense many sites do take this method way to much and fill their pages with flash ads everywhere. Which is why one of my first articles on this site was how to block ads. Which I am perfectly fine with you doing on my site I understand. Sense this is not a job for me yet I tend to not mind if people block them. Though if you do find the information useful I hope you pass it on to your friends.

The third is Commission Junction
The only reason why I use this is because both bestbuy and newegg are advertisers with this company. So sense I write about tech I want to give my users the best prices and options to find. For instance if I am reviewing a hard drive enclosure or some other electronic device I want to lead the user to the best priced item so that they can save money and not have to work as hard shopping around. Though the problem with commission junction is that they don't have much product placement ads like amazon does. Amazon I can go to any page in their website and create a link to that exact page. Where with Commission Junction I have to work within the confines of the links that each company posts on their page. Along with this each company I need to apply to be a representative for. So for instance I was denied by Carbinite online backup. This maybe because in my article on Online backup for Business I was very critical of how expensive they where compared to their competitors. But o well doesn't hurt me at all.

This is why I use these Advertisers. So far I have been very happy with them. Not to mention I love amazon not to mention they pay out the smallest amount. $10 if you select amazon gift card.
I have looked into other companies and other methods just to see how they work and what not.

I looked into payperpost
what turned me off about pay per post is just the thought of giving up my ethical responsibility in looking out for my viewers just to make a buck. This turned be off very fast. Not to mention that I had a hard time ever getting any offers. I know people don't mind just filling up their pages with paid posts but I am proud that almost 100% of my posts are original. Yes there is one that is copied which is about kindle shortcuts. Other than that my website is almost all 100% original writing. which probably shows.

Another is InfoLinks
I tried this for a little while but never found that the pay was good and that the links where deceptive. I don't like misleading my viewers just to make a few cents on a click. I prefer to keep my viewers engaged in the content that I am writing instead of distracting them with a whole lot of links. Not to mention that InfoLinks did not give reliant information on the content I was writing. If they had done better than adsense I would have been happy to switch. But because of the ads that they where showing compared to the content I was writing about I found it distracted more than it added to my content.

Thanks for reading,
Local Tech Repair Admin

If you have any opinion about these advertisers or others let us know. If you had a bad experience or a good one I love user comments.