Local Tech Repair: Android NodeBeat Review

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Android NodeBeat Review

I recently got NodeBeat for android. I was not really expecting much for a simple music program that or something a non music person could use. Though I must say I enjoy it.

When you open the App you have the option to listen to a pre made notes and what not or create your own and then go from their. I started playing around with the just to see what the different "Nodes" do. After figuring out how to mess with it a little changing the wave function and the echo and what not. I started to compose just something that sounded well half decent. Surprisingly this did not take long at all just a few minutes after installing I was creating music.

Here is a little sample of 4 songs I made. Not the best in the world but these are just a sample of what you can do easily with little music knowledge.

So here is a quick overview:

  • easy to use
  • a ok amount of beets
  • tools to change sounds
  • and more
  • gets crowded on  7in screen
  • output amplitude is low making you either edit it on computer or play it with your speakers up high. 
All in all this is a very fun program to I hope you get to check it out. It was defiantly worth getting. Download NodeBeat Here.

-Local Tech Repair Admin