Local Tech Repair: Theming our Android OS

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Theming our Android OS

When Theming your android device there are somethings that I like doing. For one I like seeing the background and don't like the look of having large widgets on my home screen.

I personally don't like the Stock UI that comes with my Samsung Galaxy SIII. So I have removed it and went with a Custom Rom called Cyanogenmod I prefer their custom book logo and their system icons then that of samsungs.
You can find Cyanogenmod located here.

Though I am not fond of the default Launcher. So I use the NOVA Launcher. When Using the nova launcher it lets me change the way my home screen looks. I do not like having the google search on the home screen. I use the menu button to bring up the google now to search. It also gives a lot of other controls.

The next thing is using the nova launcher to change the icons.  I prefer round icons than the default ones that come with android. The Rain apps look like the screen shoot bellow.

For the background I use a Anime hd wallpaper app to get the background. They have loads of different anime pictures.

The Clock you can customize the color to meet what your background is. The clock app that I am using is BobClockD3.
Let me know what you think. there are many other things out there that can be used out there to help you theme. Though these things generally depend on what rom your using and the launcher.

Happy theming,
-Local Tech Repair Admin