Local Tech Repair: Commission Junction vs Amazon Affiliates.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Commission Junction vs Amazon Affiliates.

I have been doing Commission Junction for a while now and have also been doing Amazon Affiliates for a while. Both handle fairly well. Though I recently dropped my Commission Junction affiliation.

I joined Commission Junction because the they had quite a few different options. One of them being Newegg.com used them for their affiliate program. Though the only problem is that newegg gave .5% affiliate to existing customers and 1% to new customers. This is a very low rate.

To put that in perspective with Amazon Affiliate program you will give you 4% for the first 6 orders then goes up from there depending on the volume of orders you bring to the website.  this is quite a bit more just on the small scale that this website does and what many websites do.

Getting paid is another thing that actually comes to mind. Commission Junction requires you to earn $50 before they will pay (Direct Deposit) you. This may be a small amount to some affiliates though to others it can take you a while before you get paid. Amazon pays by direct deposit at $10.

So for me to earn $50 using Newegg so that I can get paid I have to sell $10,000 in goods. To be honest I only did that once with Newegg.
$10,000 X .005 = $50
Now on the other hand Amazon gives 4%  and you only have to sell $1250 in goods. This is a huge gap between the 2 and a lot easier to achieve on  a small network.
1250 x .04 = $50
Though since amazon pays out every $10 min. You only have to sell $250 before you get paid. This is a lot easier specially if you sell someone a Kindle or Kindle Fire HD.

This is a lot more doable.

When it comes to price comparison. On commission junction I sold for Newegg and Bestbuy. Bestbuy was always more expensive and I did not feel right trying to get viewers to buy from them because of that. Newegg did not often offer any better prices than amazon. Which surprised me to be honest once I started to compare prices more between the 2. It was hard for me to direct viewers to Newegg because of their lower commission rate and also because Amazon has an amazing customer service and return policies that out beat Newegg.

So to sum this all up.  Commission Junction is great if your audience is wide range of people and your wanting a whole lot of options to sell for different companies and that you can get an affiliate program with them.

If you want good prices, great customer service, and a great commission rate I personally recommend Amazon.com.

What do you think of the 2? Leave a comment on your favorite Affiliate program.

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-Local Tech Repair Admin