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Friday, June 14, 2013

Protect Your Data from NSA

Recently  there has been a lot of news about how the NSA has been spying on everyone in america and also those from outside america. This was granted to them in the power of the patriot act. So how do you protect your self.

1. Don't use windows. Microsoft gives the NSA bug information before they release fixes for the bugs. This allows the NSA, FBI, and CIA the ability to leverage this information to exploit your operating system and take control. This is most likely done also with apple products since they are used in the white house. Some safe operating systems are Linux, OpenBSD, and Qubes OS (based around security).

2.  Use a Secure service. Use a secure VPN service from a privacy strong country. TorrentFreak.com as a good list of VPN services that take your privacy serious and don't keep records so things can't be traced back to you.  There is also the TOR network though this is not as safe as using a VPN service.  And if you really want to go off the grid there is software for the darknet which is an alternative internet.

3. Use full Hard Drive encryption on your computers and phones. Note though that both Google and Apple help the government break these encryption if they are requested to. It is best to do full hard drive encryption and then also a file encryption on top. For full Hard Drive encryption there are programs like Truecrypt (mac,win, and linux) and Cryptonite (Android). These programs will allow you to create encrypted folders for files and also for Truecrypt full hard drive encryption.

4. Use a privacy search engine. One popular search engine that does not record your searches and items is DuckDuckGo. They also have an android app that will allow you to change the default search engine to them from Google.

5. Use a custom OS for your phone. Something like Cyanogenmod will allow your phone to get the security updates right after Google publishes them instead of having to wait years for a carrier to push the update, if ever. This will also allow you to put other security software like firewalls, anti theft, and anti virus.

6. Protect text and calls with encryption. When making calls use an encrypted phone to talk to those of your friends and family. A free phone software for android is RedPhone or phones like hashcrypt or Silent Phone all these services use point to point encryption and are verified. If you set up the phone properly there will not be a way for a MiTM attack by the NSA or others.

For Encrypted texting I personally prefer TextSecure which is the company that produces RedPhone. They have a nice service and are free. If you do nothing else I would highly suggest using this software as it is extremely easy to use and will just enhance your security with little to no downside.

There are a lot more things your information is leaked on to companies like Facebook and Google. If your really concerned about your security and privacy. Don't use these services or in reality any phone. If this article is liked enough I can go through more steps you can take to protect your information and keep it way from the government.

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-Local Tech Repair Admin