Local Tech Repair: Getting WepCrackGUI installed on Ubuntu 13.04 & 14.04

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting WepCrackGUI installed on Ubuntu 13.04 & 14.04

WebCrackGUI is an easy scripted way to run attacks on WEP and a simple way of grabbing handshake from a WPA network. Though WepCrack does not install always easily.
*updated 11/.2/14*

a more updated article on how wifi is cracked by a cracker is located here

So this is how you can install it and get it to run. I ran into an error that I had to figure out that it was a runtime error. So i am going to show you a work around to get it to compile right at runtime.

First you will first need to grab the source at the sourceforge website.


once we have that we will need to extract the source to a location you will remember. I put it in my home directory for so for me its going to be located at the following.


next we need to grab all the dependencies that it needs. Since this is for ubuntu we need the ubunut core item aka aircrack-ng. (I personally grab the latest from their site)
sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng
we Next need the GtkGui packages.
sudo apt-get install gtk-sharp2 libncurses5-dev gettext
next since we got all the dependencies this is where I had hit a road block after running .

from the terminal it came back with some runtime errors. The error I got was  the following:
Unhandled Exception: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.Type.op_Inequality'.
This after a little bit of research is a error in how it is compiling at runtime. So if we just edit the wepcrack-debug file in the WepCrack folder and add --runtime=v4.0 to the string we can get it to run with out any errors.

you want your string to look like

MONO_DISABLE_SHM=1 MONO_TRACE_LISTENER=Console.Error exec mono --runtime=v4.0  --debug  "./GWepCrackGui.exe" "$@"
 The key is the arg runtime being version 4.0 which is what it needs to run particular system types,

I Hope this helps you guys get your Wepcrack started so you can get that "Auditing" done.

Thanks for Reading,
-Local Tech Repair Admin

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