Local Tech Repair: Best way to get Visitors to your Website

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Best way to get Visitors to your Website

So what is the best way to get visitors to your side?  This is the question every company asks about it self.
There is one key to everything in life, Content. There are some thing in life that sell a lot and get lots of readers. Those categories you can see in real life by just thinking about what you buy and what is out there. Some of the top things trends in the USA right now are Health (losing weight mostly), Sports, Getting a Job, Making money online,  and news. The problem with these areas are that they are very saturated with other websites. So unless you have a lot of time and great advice then I wouldn't expect to make money off your website.

The key to your growth of your website after you have picked your niche to market to is the just get the word out there what ever means possible. Google and other search engines will pick up on new content and bring it to the top. It is important to have great hooks on your page descriptions to bring in your audience to be able to click on the link. Because just like journalism if you can't get them hooked with in the first 2 sentences they will be moving along. With websites it is even harder because you are requiring the user to click on your link. When users click on your link over other thinks Google sees this as a good thing and will naturally move your site to the top of the search links because people find your site more relevant to what your typing.

The next method of marketing is getting the word out to those that would read your articles. These thing include, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, (Other social networks), and web forums. Particularly you want to make sure that your website links are associated with content that is relevant about your content on your site. This helps your website grow with that content.

Third thing is improving your old content to be more search engine friendly. This means re editing content you have previously written to be key word friendly. You first write your content for your users and then for search engines. It is pointless to have a website where your bounce rate is extremely high and people don't stay to view your other content. If you can get people to love your content it won't be hard later to make it so search engines love it to.

Making a successful website is not hard long as you have the quality of content that people want to read. Though do expect to put a lot of work into making your website and keeping the marketing rolling. Building a website is not a simple thing and most places that tell you it is are trying to sell you something so that you make them money.

Let us know what your favorite tricks for SEO are.

Thanks for reading,
-Local Tech Repair Admin