Local Tech Repair: Overclocking the Galaxy S3 CM10.1 and benchmark

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Overclocking the Galaxy S3 CM10.1 and benchmark

Overclocking Your Galaxy S3 D2ATT is fun. Things can go wrong when your upgrading though if you follow the steps and have some know how you can get more performance out of your device at little risk.

So here are the steps that I went though to overclock my Cyanogenmod 10.1 (CM10.1) Galaxy S3 from Att model is i747, also known as d2att. I am currently running nightly version 20130703. This nightly is very stable as it is and gives you the Privacy Guard.

If you have not installed CM10.1 you will need to do a little more homework and check out. 

So once you have had this already up and running then you just need to grab the overclocked kernel. 
XDA provides  us with this also thanks to InstigatorX.

The kernel for my nightly is located at
Once this is located on your phone you will just need to Reboot into Recovery. For most users you can just hold down on the power button, click on reboot, and click on recovery. This will then boot you into recovery.

To flash the new kernel we will need to wipe a few information. Though it is always good to make a backup before you flash anything.

So after you make your backup

Wipe Cache
Wipe dalvik
Then we will need to install zip from SDcard and then select the kernel we wanted to flash. This will install our overclocked kernel and then we can reboot after.

Once booted you will have an overclocked kernel set to a standard clock rate. You will now need to test overclocking to higher rates.  To do this we will need to start up out settings -> about phone -> click on the build number 7 times -> go back and you will now see a Performance -> Processor -> change the maximum CPU Frequency to what your phone can handle. I tried the max of 1890 Mhz though my phone just reboots on that so its not stable for me. I was able to though get 1782 Mhz to run stable on my CPU.

Good thing to note is that not all CPUs on the phones are made the same. Some of them may be the same CPU though some can handle higher frequencies than others. So this will require you to do some testing to find out what frequency your CPU is stable at after overclockings.

I have also changed my governor to Intellidemand to get some better performance.

I hope you enjoy your overclocking.

-Local Tech Repair Admin