Local Tech Repair: Archos 70 internet tablet - Review

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Archos 70 internet tablet - Review

I have been using the Archos 70 for some time now and this is my first Archos device and it is my first android device that I have owned. it is a cheaper version when we got it of the different android tablets and we where able to get it with a small hard drive in it of 250 GB. This is nice as i rather have a hard drive really in my device even though it may take up more power than a SSD.
currently it is only on android 2.2.1 with their own customization that Archos does on it.

Archos does not come with the market pre-installed on it so you will have to go out and find a installer for the Google market if you like that market. The Archos is able to install the amazon app market which is my favorite app market sense it is clean and it is easy to find things. They also have a very nice app a day offers which are normally very good deals with apps that I love to use.

Here are a few of the specs:
Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Number of Processors: 1
Hard Drive: 250 GB
it has a standard head phone jack
a mini HDMI port
micro USB port

all in all the touch screen is fairly reactive to what you do. though when you get quite a bit of apps running during start up it can have a problem with a little lag. It does crash. But it does not do it all the time some times if it gets over loaded in things it is trying to do it will crash the system. which trys to boot back up right after. It is not the most stable of everything but it does work and the crashes are not common.

The size of the tablet is very nice and small enough to fit in my back pocket when I walk.
it is faster than most phones that I have used that are android based.
The memory size is great making you not need move to SD apps or worry about uninstalling apps to save space.
It can playback 720p movies that you have on it and output it to your tv via the mini hdmi port.

All in all this is a tablet that is very nice for the price of it. It is able to play most apps and games except for some more intensive HD games some can't be played on it. There is a rooting community out there for archos and even for the archos 70 because they are generally good hard ware for the price.

If you have used it I love to hear what your experience has been so please leave a comment. Also, leave a comment if you have more questions about it. I will be posting some App reviews that are compatible with the archos 70

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