Local Tech Repair: Flash Blue People Bug Linux Fix

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flash Blue People Bug Linux Fix

For those that are using Linux they may have noticed that if your using the flash player from adobe that you have blue people. Well there is a problem with flash that causes the hardware acceleration in flash to mess  up.

Well if you turn off the hard ware acceleration it fixes the problem. So here is how you can disable hardware acceleration for Flash player in Linux. If you try to just turn it of in settings you may notice it may freeze the window causing you to reload the page.

The commonly accepted solution to this issue appears to be disabling hardware acceleration for Flash player. This is usually accomplished by right-clicking the Flash content, selecting Settings and then uncheck the Enable Hardware Acceleration option, but in the affected version of Flash player, it isn't possible to uncheck that particular option (clicking it does absolutely nothing). As such, the following two work-arounds exist for disabling hardware acceleration:
Method 1: Create (or edit, if it already exists) the file /etc/adobe/mms.cfg and add the following configuration parameter to it: EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=0
Method 2: Open a YouTube video and enable fullscreen mode. Then right-click, select Settings and uncheck the Enable Hardware Acceleration option. For some reason this only seems to work when Flash player is in fullscreen mode.
Method 2 fixed it for me.

I found this online and wanted to share  that the second one also worked for me. So if your having this problem with your linux distribution, like I had with ubuntu 12.04 and earlier versions. This may help you fix that problem.

Let us know if it did.
Local Tech Repair Admin