Local Tech Repair: Samsung galaxy s3 crash with N.O.V.A 3

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Samsung galaxy s3 crash with N.O.V.A 3

So started playing around with my new Galaxy S3 i747 phone. As normal overclock and root it like normal. There is a lot you can do with and rooted and over clocked phone. The phone seems to handle it well when clocking at 1.8GHz and the GPU set to 480 MHz. stress tested it for around 30 mins and it work fine.

Problem is when playing some games like nova 3. I  ran into a problem of the samsung just heating up to much on the screen and crashing the phone. This happened quite often. though once I decided to underclock it to see if that would help. So using SetCPU I set the max to 1GHz and set  to conservative scheduling. My guess is that with the gpu and cpu and the screen just started over heating the device.

Samsung galaxy s3 is known to have heating problems on the screen. Though this tied with heavy use of the game I guess over did it. Maybe my stress test apps were just not stressing it enough.

So if your having this issue you may try underclocking the processor. Nova still runs flawless at that speed and will not get nearly as warm on you.

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