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Friday, August 24, 2012

Amazon Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

So recently this week I got a new device and went to install Dungeon Defenders Second Wave from amazon where I had bought it. Then i noticed it wasn't there anymore. And no were to be found on amazon.

So I did a little digging. Noticed that it wasn't in my android app collection on amazon. Looks to be that amazon just took it off its shelves and my shelves of apps. So I digged through my order forms to find where I had bought the app just to make sure I did buy it from amazon and with in that has a link to the page where it used to be. Though It no longer has the buy or download for the app which makes since.

So I thought to my self are my apps safe on amazon if they are just removed with out me even being told? I mean I love amazon and have bought ~300 apps from them over the year. So this is a big concern for me and i am guessing any of my users on here that also buy through them. So I decided to contact amazon about it to see why its disappeared.

I wrote:
I was wondering what happened to "Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave" from the android app store. I got a new phone and was going to load it on but noticed that it disappeared from there and disappeared from my android apps. Just wondering if it will come back to the android app store so i can load it on my new phone or if it is gone for good

The response I got from the rep just really stated what I had written in my questions but never answer my question.
Hello Josh,

I'v researched "Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave" and found it isn't available in amazon appstore at this time. We're constantly adding apps to our appstore selection, and apps unavailable now may become available in the future.

If you'd like to request a certain app be made available on your device, you can submit feedback to our technical team from the product page of an app on our website. Click the "Send us feedback" link below the purchase box.

I hope this helps. we look forward to seeing you again soon.
So I don't know if it is just me but is seems like he just ignored my whole request and just read the app name and assumed that I wanted it on the app store.

So I politely responded at asked for more clarification on my questions.

Then got another response from the reps at amazon and this time got the info that i was looking for plus more.

I'm sorry the app "Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave" you purchased is temporarily unavailable.

Due to licensing restrictions, apps can become temporarily unavailable on Amazon Appstore. The app will automatically be made available again once that restriction ends.

On very rare occasions, an app you previously purchased may become unavailable

This is what I though had happened to it but I never saw any news or blogs posting about this so it kinda made me wonder what had happened to the app. Which surprised me that it would disappear when it is a very popular app.  The plus that I got was a very nice one as they refunded me the purchase price.

Though Amazon is not alone in its problems. Because of licencing problems it is also not available on Google Play store. When you click on the android link  on their website it does not go anywhere on Google Play. Though Apple still has licencing rights it looks like as its still available to them.

I  hope this helps you guys,
Local Tech Repair Admin