Local Tech Repair: Android Gaming - 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Android Gaming - 2013

I once heard that the android and mobile os was going to replace the traditional console.  Though what I have seen is that android does not have the development quality as that of the console market. 

This does not mean that all games are bad. I still see the console market doing well for some time.  There are some of the better games for Android smartphone phone. Some of the better games I have seen on the smartphone are that of:

Though these games pale compared to the quality and depth of game that are on the console market.  The android market is really a bunch of online games and a few games that are unique that are then copied by by other companies. How many minecraft copy cats are there out there in the android game market. There are a few games that stand out to the gamer out there, but they are very few and far in between. Compare this to the console world were there are multiple unique games just at launch at day and then new high end games every month, if not more often.

The cost of the customer starting in the android market may be easy and the market looks for cheap games. Though this puts off game makers for the sole reason that the profitability of the smartphone market is very low compared that to consoles. If your wanting true quality and games worth your money the console will always hold the true gamer's heart just like the PC market has for hard core gamer. 

-Local Tech Repair Admin